Ordering a Fine Bamboo Rod

All of my rods are built to the same high standard, but there are a great variety of taper and embellishment options. Please contact me via the “Contact & Links” page so we can discuss the options and what will work best for you. Please see the “Rods” page for pricing and a list of features included with the standard rod, and a list of some of the upgrades available. It is not practical to list every possible customized option on this website, so let’s talk.

Getting Started

We will together come up with a complete specification of your rod and estimated completion date. You then can join the build list with a $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures your spot in the production schedule and locks in your rod price.

I will contact you when I am ready to start on your rod and you will have a chance to make changes at that time. At that point, the first payment of $250 is due. Your rod should be completed in 4-5 weeks from that date.

The balance of the rod cost is due just before I ship the rod.


Rods are shipped carefully and fully insured via USPS Priority Mail. The typical cost will be $28-$35, but and actual estimate can be provided at the time of order if desired. For shipping, the rod tube will be encased in PVC pipe and packed in USPS triangle boxing.

For international shipping, we can research the cost.


Bamboo rods are surprisingly durable. However, it is not impossible to damage a rod. If you suffer such a mishap of your own making, I will perform a repair of your rod section at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe. If the rod is damaged due to a defect, just send in the section and I will repair or replace it and send it back.

Price Changes

Rod prices may change without notice, as is true for almost any product. If you have submitted the original deposit, your price is locked in for that rod.


I will try to keep this paragraph up to date. Currently, the estimated rod delivery date is late October, 2016.